Sam Brooks

A graduate of our local Grammar school here in Altrincham, Sam went on to study Economics and Politics at the University of Sheffield. Undecided as to how to he wanted his subsequent career to develop, he spent the best part of six years plying his trade in the hospitality industry working his way up to manager of his local, extremely busy, sports club. 

With a keen eye for detail as well as consummate customer service, he saw a move into recruitment as a logical next step; confident that his skills in working under pressure to tight deadlines would stand him in good stead.

With a demanding workload only affording the occasional weekend off, he has found his free time to engage his passions limited of late but when the time comes you can find Sam in the local snooker club, trying (and failing!) to chase that elusive 50 break.

A keen amateur cook, he can also often be found doing his best possible Gordon Ramsay impression over a hot stove or indulging his newfound love of playing the stock markets. Who says recruitment is nothing like Wolf of Wall Street!

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