Megan Watson

A graduate of Leeds Beckett University; where he pursued his passion for fitness through a degree in Sports, Physical Activity & Nutritional Sciences, Harry sought to apply his tenacity and competitive spirit to a different vocation when he embarked on a career in recruitment. 

After a brief stint with an agency in Leeds, the local Timperley lad “came home” in September of 2019 to continue his career with Candour. Having taken some time to consider his options, he thought he would be more equipped to drive our marketing department. After growing our social media presence and leading the innovation for outreach, he really has found his calling.

Formerly specialising in the placement of software developers, he had spent many an hour getting up to speed with the relevant technical parlance and understanding of the industry ensuring he can fully understand who his campaigns are targeted towards.

Plying his trade across several individual and team sports has afforded him the complete skill set to ensure both team and independent goals are attained while keeping spirits high through the inevitable knockbacks this industry brings. Another follower of the Gunners (why!?) he remains an avid follower of health & fitness and holds his hands up to trading in his console and games to start reading… you wouldn’t think he is Gen-Z!

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