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Recruitment Fees Too Much? YOU can change that.

We all like to get value for money, in everything. No matter what it is, we all like to have that feeling that what we spent was well worth it and that having decided to pay for external services, the long-term benefit will justify the short-term cost.

Whenever we speak with companies about using an external recruiter to assist them, this sense of wanting value for money always plays out:

“Recruiters are far too expensive for what (little) they do”.

This train of thought can often lead to companies looking to drive down the fees agencies are looking to charge resulting in a drop in service level thereby justifying the opinion that recruiters do not represent value for money.


But what if instead of decreasing the cost of the service, you as the client were able to increase the quality of it?

Recruitment fees are, in the general sense of the word, expensive. Yes we are a recruitment industry but we still recognise that ours is an expensive service!


What you need to consider is the context of this expense. If your business is set to lose £000,000’s by not delivering a piece of work on time, paying £6,000 or £7,000 to get in a key team member to avert that is a price well worth paying. That aside though, the thought of paying the same price for a .Net Developer as you would a Toyota Yaris can make many look the other way!

In general terms, if you believe the cost of a service is too expensive you have two choices:

1. Don’t buy
2. Negotiate the price

But wait, there is third option. One that is often overlooked.

Don’t take our word for it Hear what our clients have to say