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Preferred Suppliers List: A hindrance or not? A case study

“We have a PSL (preferred suppliers list) and are not looking to review this anytime soon.”

This is the way the majority of recruitment approaches come to an abrupt and unsuccessful end – we think it’s wrong. Now you’re most likely thinking “wow a recruiter saying that we  shouldn’t have a PSL”, we are not saying that at all.

Frankly, we agree, having a PSL can be an efficient way of going about things – you have fewer voices to deal with, you can devote more of your day to dealing with your day-to-day duties and it’s an easy way to deflect your 34th recruitment approach of the week so far!

What we are trying to say is that if you don’t consider every available avenue when launching a new recruitment campaign, you could be doing yourself an injustice.

The Information Technology sector is currently booming and with that level of prosperity comes a number of issues. Dealing with the demands of a new project leads to the need for new hires – often required on an ASAP basis – and as has been the case for a number of years now, the scarcity of available tech talent soon becomes apparent.

Combating this shortage is difficult and is the traditional motive behind employing the services of an external recruiter. Recruiters are experts at unearthing talent which matches the needs of the business. The price you pay for a recruiter (between £2,000-£15,000) is small in comparison to the multimillion-pound project you may lose out on if you don’t bulk up your engineering team (if you want to get more value from your PSL, follow this link for how). You may not lose the project to a competitor but you will likely miss deadlines, frustrate a few influential people along the way and likely be overlooked the next time important work goes out to tender. Each agency has its own qualities, and some align differently to the company’s values and needs – this is where a PSL comes in.

A handpicked, carefully curated group of niche suppliers who have successfully convinced you of their ability to solve your recruitment headaches through carefully worded correspondence and slick presentations. What could possibly go wrong?

You may think your thoughtfully selected PSL has got the market covered but everyone has access to talent others simply don’t – previous placements, personal acquaintances, long term relationships, unique knowledge of that perfect passive candidate just waiting for the right opportunity to come along before they make their next move. You never know what’s out there until you take a look.

We appreciate the difficulties in having to manage multiple suppliers but if you’re actively recruiting – especially for niche & hard to source skills – where is the downside to keeping an open mind when considering more ways of bringing in candidates?

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