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Struggling to find your next hire? This could be why:

The 2 words no one wants to hear.
Fortunately for Mark Wright, he avoided those words back in 2014 when he won The Apprentice and set up his own Digital Agency with the help of Sir Alan Sugar. However, the past 7 years have proven to be a difficult time for hiring companies such as his.

“Right now, I have 14 roles immediately available and over the last month we’ve had one application”.

Mark Wright has all the financial backing of Alan Sugar as well as his group and if they are struggling to fill roles – that puts into perspective the current state of the market.

The skills shortage is real – particularly in the tech sector – and is taking it’s toll across the country. With the ever-increasing demand for niche technical skills and thus talent, there is a growing job-role surplus. With digital expansion in some parts of the world still very much in it’s infancy, the situation is only going to get worse.

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