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How to attract top candidates through your job descriptions

A job description is a document detailing the requirements and responsibilities of the role. Also known as a JD, it typically includes company details, essential skills required, company mission, culture, benefits, and the details of reports.

In markets where you are looking to hire in volume with minimum requirements, having the basics as mentioned above is enough. However in markets such as IT, there needs to be more; saturated markets require selling points to get your ideal candidates to sit up and take notice. Let’s use IT again here, in the technology sector there are more roles than potential job seekers so standing out needs to be at the forefront of your mind when you come to write your job descriptions.

You’re probably thinking “these people should want to work for us, why do we need to sell ourselves?” It is absolutely understandable to think like that but bear in mind the reasons why you are looking to hire someone. Typically you are looking to fill a gap left by an employee leaving or you are looking to expand and grow your team. Whatever the reason you’re hiring one thing needs to be the focus – is this individual going to improve us as a business?

If you don’t manage attract the top talent, what is likely to happen? It most IT companies projects will be lost, revenue lost and overall, the lack of top talent can greatly affect the standard of deliverables. So, assuming your aim is to attract the top talent to help your company grow and move you onto the next level then you need to ensure your job descriptions are on point.

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