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How To: A Step-by-Step Guide To Secure Your Dream Job

If like most people, you hate looking for a new job then this resource is here to help. One of the biggest pain points we hear from jobseekers is that they don’t know the best strategy to take when searching for a new job, they only consider going to a recruiter. As a recruitment consultancy ourselves we appreciate that’s because you are getting chased over actively messaging a recruiter yourself.

After reading this document you will be able to tackle a job search confidently and with a high degree of success.

Choice of language:

Using weak verbs in your CV is setting yourself to fail. “Assisted, “Helped”, “Worked on”, “Supported” when describing the work, you have done, using these words in a job-seeking process will almost cause doubt in the employers’ mind about your understanding.

Instead of: Worked On

Use: directed, facilitated, accelerated

Instead of: Responsible for

Use: structured, generated, chaired, influenced

Instead of: Improved

Use: modified, centralised, redesigned, streamlined

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