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Negotiating your salary; A 5 step guide to maximise your chances.

Negotiating your salary; A 5 step guide to maximise your chances.

Salary discussions are often a taboo subject for most people. Asking for a pay-rise is something that a lot of individuals can feel uncomfortable with but we feel it is an employee’s right to have regular discussions & reviews centred around your pay. Throughout the years, the national living wage has increased (admittedly not by massive amounts) but add a sprinkle of inflation to your outgoings coupled with incremental rises in the everyday cost of living and you can go from being comfortable to struggling very quickly.

When you’re feeling left behind by a lack of regular pay reviews who is the onus on to raise the subject as a topic of conversation?

Unfortunately for some, if the business is not doing this as part of their standard operating model, then the responsibility will fall to you as the employee which can often be a starting point for problems.

Having the confidence to approach this subject with your line manager is one thing, having the ability to convince them of your increasing value to the organisation is where it becomes more difficult. Furthermore, the ability to know when to assess the situation and know when to accept any offers of increase without pushing back too much is when the real skill of negotiation comes into play.

Following the systematic approach outlined below will put you in good stead to get that pay rise you so richly deserve! This doesn’t just apply to pay-rises either, you can use these tips when it comes to job offers as well.

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