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Candour - noun [U] UK (US Candor)

“The quality of being open and honest; frankness: a man of refreshing candour.”

It’s fair to say the recruitment industry has had more than its fair share of bad press over the years. You only have to see what Google throws up in response to the word recruiter to see the regard so many hold the profession in. We’re working hard to change that perception one placement at time.

As a valued client of ours, you can expect a forthright appraisal of your requirements outlining any potential issues and pitfalls as well as where our years of experience might assist in ensuring the recruitment process is as uncomplicated as possible.

Candidates will only ever be offered a seamless route to the next step on your career path with a focus on complete transparency & candidate experience throughout. Come through any interview process with us and we will ensure you leave with a sense of having had the best possible representation, regardless of the final outcome.

Meet #TeamCandour

Stephen Beech

Stephen Beech Head of Client Services

Stephen has been immersed in recruiting tech talent since 1998 when CVs were submitted via Royal Mail and Messrs Larry & Sergey were only just putting together their game changing business idea.

Initially assigned to the Progress 4GL & Informix markets, his exposure nowadays is a little more current and he has over the years amassed enviable experience developing new business & managing significant campaigns. In 2014 he, along with then colleague Richard, decided he wanted to form a recruitment company that focussed on a different ethos to the big corporates of the time with an emphasis on people, not profit. In his role as Director, Stephen remains a hands-on recruiter as well as leading the Business Development side of Candour ensuring as many of the organisations we know we can help as possible hear about the way we do things.

In addition, he also ensures that some of our key clients are receiving the quality service they deserve and takes ownership of the training side for new “Candourians”.Outside of work, Stephen has the misfortune (for the time being at least!) of keeping up with the travails of Arsenal FC but has increasingly seen his time (and that of his partner and daughter) monopolised by his excitable young Vizsla puppy, Ruby.

Richard Padget

Richard Padget Head of Candidate Engagement

After nearly a decade spent harnessing his creative spirit in the kitchens, Richard eventually sought to expand his horizons away from the catering industry (missing watching his beloved Man UTD every weekend had finally taken its’ toll!)

Moving into the legal profession, he quickly progressed from admin assistant to no.1 fee earner in the business before being enticed to apply his thirst for further success to the recruitment industry. As with everyone at Candour, he remains a hands-on recruiter coupled with the handling of key accounts within the business and ensuring the candidate experience for everyone we engage with is second to none. Fiercely proud of his no nonsense approach to recruitment, he has a decade long track record of unearthing some of the trickiest to source talent across the entire technical spectrum.

When it comes to free time, aside from keeping his cooking skills on point he’s spent nearly two decades attempting to hit that magical single figure golf handicap – so far unsuccessfully. Recent years have seen his chances of reaching this milestone severely by the beautiful additions to his family: Ariella & Owen.

Sam Brooks

Sam Brooks Practice Lead (Software Development)

A graduate of our local Grammar school here in Altrincham, Sam went on to study Economics and Politics at the University of Sheffield. Undecided as to how to he wanted his subsequent career to develop, he spent the best part of six years plying his trade in the hospitality industry working his way up to manager of his local, extremely busy, sports club. 

With a keen eye for detail as well as consummate customer service, he saw a move into recruitment as a logical next step; confident that his skills in working under pressure to tight deadlines would stand him in good stead.

With a demanding workload only affording the occasional weekend off, he has found his free time to engage his passions limited of late but when the time comes you can find Sam in the local snooker club, trying (and failing!) to chase that elusive 50 break.

A keen amateur cook, he can also often be found doing his best possible Gordon Ramsay impression over a hot stove or indulging his newfound love of playing the stock markets. Who says recruitment is nothing like Wolf of Wall Street!

Dominic Ashling

Dominic Ashling Delivery Consultant (Software Development)

After leaving Ashton on Mersey 6th Form, Dom went on to study Business Management and Marketing at Nottingham Trent University – a course which included a placement year in recruitment giving him his first taste of the industry.

With a year’s recruitment experience under his belt before graduating, Dom knew this could be a potential long-term career for him however he fell into the construction industry when he graduated in 2018. Despite initial misgivings, it proved a valuable learning curve allowing him to hone his communication and organisational skills in a fast-paced moving environment – skills he knew would be transferrable to the recruitment industry.

During his time in the construction industry Dom worked in aftercare, building and maintaining relationships with a number of clients and setting up maintenance service level agreements for various care homes, nurseries and apartment complexes throughout the UK.

Outside of work and when he’s not injured, Dom is a keen sportsman. He grew up regularly playing football, rugby and cricket where he played for the Candour sponsored Timperley Cricket Club – a key member of the 1st Team that played in the Cheshire County League. Dom is also an avid podcast listener and has recently started getting into cosmology quickly realising the more he reads, the less he actually understands!

Felix Egan

Felix Egan Practice Lead (Cloud & Infrastructure)

Born and raised in the North West, Felix is a charismatic individual entering the world of business after studying Business Economics at Sheffield Hallam University graduating in 2021.

Working in hospitality since the age of 14, he knows well the benefits that come with doing the “hard yards” whilst also developing a passion for working with people & customers. From serving parties of up to 40 to working 40-man long bars at festival time, working efficiently whilst maintaining a friendly service taught him skills in organisation, people management and effective communication.

Looking to kickstart his professional career in a role that would allow him to use these skills and those learnt throughout his degree, he saw Candour as a fantastic opportunity to explore the fast-growing world of technology in a people-centric role.

Felix has led an active life playing rugby since the age of 5 as well as football and golf. Starting his playing career at Altrincham Kersal RUFC before a spell at Sale FC where he made a brief appearance before joining the University team.

Tragedy struck however and he only managed one season before rupturing his ACL. Wanting to maintain his involvement, he eventually became Vice-Chairman and helped with all things associated with the running of the club such as obtaining and liaising with sponsors, game organisation and running all of the affiliated social media.

Sam Bell

Sam Bell Delivery Consultant (Cloud & Infrastructure)

Growing up in the northeast of England, Sam went on to study International Business at the University of Sheffield Hallam. Unsure of his next steps, he went on to spend a few years in a variety of positions to broaden his skills whilst searching for that fulfilling career.

Customer service expertise and an eye for detail meant a career in recruitment seemed a logical next step. Having developed a relentless worth ethic through his work experience to date , he feels he has all the attributes to succeed here at Candour.

His competitive edge is what he hangs his hat on. He knows he can succeed, a trait ingrained from growing up playing sports at an obvious physical disadvantage (only being 5ft7 playing basketball) so attitude and determination were needed to stay ahead. He commits to bring exactly this to finding his candidates that ideal next role.

Throughout all his experience to date, Sam has found that the relationships he made along the way were by far the greatest reward- making his journey into recruitment all the more seamless.  

Liverpool FC, The New York Giants and the Chicago Bulls are all huge parts of Sam’s character. His loyalty has forced him to learn how to endure a lot in order to see the brighter days that are ahead. He’s still waiting on the Giants. Aside from that, Sam believes himself to be an amateur film critic and has previously spent some time writing original blog posts about this. Copies are available on request!

He intends to get “No BS, just SB” a renowned industry term across the Northwest market!

Tom Jones

Tom Jones Practice Lead (Web Development)

After leaving Saint Ambrose College, Tom went on to study Politics & Sociology at Newcastle University and Politics remains a keen personal interest to date.

As a personable, confident individual Tom felt that a career in recruitment would serve as the perfect platform to build on his education and hone the skills developed working in customer services for over three years whist completing his studies. The honest, upfront ethos of work served up at Candour matching seamlessly with the skillset picked up in the service industry.

Outside of the office he is a keen sports fan supporting football, rugby and cricket teams on a regular basis following turnouts for both the school football & rugby teams. The social aspects & comradery of the world of sports remain a huge passion of his.

Growing up with the misfortune of being a Liverpool fan based in Manchester as well as dealing with taunts around his musical namesake, he’s well used to dealing with adversity which should stand him in good stead for the challenges of the world of recruitment!

In addition to all this he has recently turned his hand to the world of golfing as well as being a big fan of American band The Eagles.

Joe Bishop Delivery Consultant (Web Development)

After successfully graduating from St Ambrose college, Joe immediately entered the world of work as a full-time mechanic at his family’s business whilst also working as a lifeguard and qualified swimming teacher engaged independently with a variety of people of all ages & abilities.

Looking to build on his honed work ethic and considerable people skills, he decided to take the plunge (forgive the swimming pun!) into the world of tech recruitment.

The move from a garage environment to an office one has been a drastic change but with his natural confidence, Joe has adjusted well and is already having an impact on the industry. Growing up as a highly competitive swimmer travelling the length and breadth of the country competing against the very best in his age group developed the essential level of competitiveness needed to succeed in the cutthroat world of recruitment.

Away from Candour, Joe is a massive football fan playing often himself whilst also following Manchester United home and away in the UK as well as across Europe. 

Alongside his sporting endeavours, Joe is also a massive music fan turning out at festivals all across the globe to see performances from all genres and decades from the 60’s to the early 00’s. 

Harry Botton

Megan Watson Digital Marketer

A graduate of Leeds Beckett University; where he pursued his passion for fitness through a degree in Sports, Physical Activity & Nutritional Sciences, Harry sought to apply his tenacity and competitive spirit to a different vocation when he embarked on a career in recruitment. 

After a brief stint with an agency in Leeds, the local Timperley lad “came home” in September of 2019 to continue his career with Candour. Having taken some time to consider his options, he thought he would be more equipped to drive our marketing department. After growing our social media presence and leading the innovation for outreach, he really has found his calling.

Formerly specialising in the placement of software developers, he had spent many an hour getting up to speed with the relevant technical parlance and understanding of the industry ensuring he can fully understand who his campaigns are targeted towards.

Plying his trade across several individual and team sports has afforded him the complete skill set to ensure both team and independent goals are attained while keeping spirits high through the inevitable knockbacks this industry brings. Another follower of the Gunners (why!?) he remains an avid follower of health & fitness and holds his hands up to trading in his console and games to start reading… you wouldn’t think he is Gen-Z!

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